Welcome to the small challenge.

It's 30 levels and starts (I hope) very easy and is slowly getting harder.

There will be no fancy riddle stuff to do, I mean; no info with hidden text, or in the source, or in the exif and/or picture properties; No picture manipulation; No audio manipulation, etc, etc. Everything you need will be there in plain sight on the level. Only on 2 or 3 levels you have to Google a little bit.

The answer goes in the answer-box, BUT..... without spaces and only lower case letters (no other things than letters). For example, if you think the answer is: I hate Small-Tool, you should put ihatesmalltool in the answer-box.

Big thanks go to;

- Clio and my best friend Frank who both helped me on some levels with my lousy English.

- Clio and Yoli for making the congrats page

- Mtatt for beta-testing the riddle.

- Jonthewatch for making this riddle into websites and a hidden page.

- Escaper/EG24 for making the best game site there is.

Have fun: